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Monday, August 7, 2017

Through the Alps - to Carmen -

We are on our way to Bregenz, on Lake Constance. We have lousy tickets for the "Seebühne," the Stage in the Lake.  It is a wonderful setting. In years gone by I saw "La Traviata", "Tosca", "The Magic Flute" and several other wonderful performances. Bregenz attracts some of the greatest voices of the international stage. The so-called "Pit Orchestra" are the Vienna Philharmonics, one of the great Orchestras in Europe, and the director is always one of the top names.
From our home in Bleiburg, Lower Carinthia to Bregenz it is about 600 km and we drove there in three easy stages under the bluest of blue skies and very very warm temperatures.
The scenery one passes through is, quite literally, beautiful beyond description.
Glacier covered mountains, green valleys, one after the other. Once one reaches the top of the Pass, there, before you, spreads another valley whose green forests and lush meadows serve to sooth your eyes and your spirit.

The early morning view from our room.

Evening and the Moon is riding high.

Halfway up the "Gerlos Pass"...
Stop and take a picture of the "toy village" lying  below.

A  Glacier fed, ice cold, mountain lake.
All Glaciers are considerably smaller than they were in previous years.

 continued tomorrow...

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