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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Finally: "CARMEN"

Prior to the start of the performance.
Just a little more than half the seating capacity of the 'sold-out'  "Bregenz Seebühne"

The stage: Two hands and tumbling playing cards.

The faces of the playing cards are projected, and change frequently.
The size of this backdrop can be estimated by the size of the actors on the stage.
As usual, music is provided by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
and some of Europe's greatest voices sing Bizet's stunning melodies.

Unfortunately, one hour into the performance, 
rain came pouring down in such torrents
that the Opera had to be stopped.
It poured all night long and most of the next day.
We drove all the way home through a curtain of falling rain, 
along mountain passes with untold hairpin turns,
completing the approximately 600 km
trip in one go.

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