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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The "Goldene Dachl"
( The little Golden Roof )
Is"the" landmark building of Innsbruck.

Emperor Maximilian I had the balcony of the in 1500 AD erected building
covered with over 2,600 fire gilded copper shingles.
He and his newly acquired wife, Bianca Maria Sforza
were thereby able to view games and performances held on the street below
from this noble platform.

The story goes, and it surely is only a story, 
that Maximilian's life style 
had caused serious financial difficulties for the treasury, 
and that he was, in fact, broke.
In order to prove this rumor wrong, 
he had this little roof covered with golden shingles.
Whereupon the people said: If he was not broke before, 
he surely is now.!

From this building, the "Golden Eagle Hotel", in the year 1809
the famous fighter for the Freedom and Liberty of the Tirol
spoke to his countrymen, calling them to arms
against the occupying French under Napoleon and their ally, the Bavarians.
Finally, Andreas was betrayed by one of his own.
He had to flee and after his arrest the French executed him in 
the City of Mantua, Italy.

To this day, Andreas Hofer is considered and venerated 
as an Austrian Freedom Fighter and Patriot.

A view from Innsbruck onto the mountain chain, called
the "Hafelekar."

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