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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Their Signature Tune was Frank Sinatra's

"The Lady is a Tramp".

As the band became more and more popular, they travelled further and further afield.
Concerts in Alabama one night and in Kalamazoo the next, took their toll not only on the members of the band, but also on the instruments.
In order to preserve their music making gadgetry,  they asked a talented carpenter to build sturdy wooden containers. These they marked with the first letter of the instrument they contained:
A particularly long box held the Alpenhorn and was therefore marked with an "A".
Another box, marked with a "B" contained the "Bass Fiddle". A little thin box, marked with a "C" contained, you guessed it, the Clarinet.
The "E" box contained the most important English Horn which gave the band its wonderful sound.

The Big Day..... Carnegie Hall.... excitement all around...
The Band, coming from a concert in Los Angeles, arrived at JFK airport and waited for their instruments.  They came down the luggage ramp. The "A" Box, the "B",  then came the "Z" box with the Zither, all the "D" boxes came with the Drum set,  and then the little "C".
The important "E", however, was a no-show.
The Band members became concerned, then worried, then panic struck.
No "E", no English Horn, no wonderful distinctive sound .... no concert at Carnegie Hall, probably the end of their carrier.
After having frantically consulted with Airport staff, you cannot imagine their collective sigh of relief, when they heard over the P.A. system:
"Attention... Attention... "Delayed "E" is at ramp."

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