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Friday, April 29, 2016

I wish it were so !

When I look around Europe and, in fact, at the rest of the world I am reminded of one of the sayings of Baha' U' Llah.


Although this is a verity, we don't seem to behave like this.


Lianne said...

That's because it's a lot of nonsense and completely dismisses the realities of human nature.

Bert said...

I suspect that you are missing the deeper meaning of this sentence ...
As history shows, borders were drawn arbitrarily without much consideration of realities.
(see, for instance, the border drawn between Kenya and Tansania, which was drawn so that the English Queen of that time could gift to her brother, the Kaiser, Africas Highest Mountain, Kilimansharo, for a birthday present... in fact, all borders in Africa were drawn by European invaders and exployters.
Therefore, if we consider that the world is one country, and that mankind are its citizens, we need no prejudice, no racial or national hatreds and ultimately no war.
I am aware that today's "mankind" is ill equipped to follow this idea... ultimately, however, it must come to this insight, since it otherwise will destroy itself.
So believe me, this is not "a lot of nonsense"

Lianne said...

Yes it is - you are intimating that there was never any war or borders or disputes over territory before modern colonial politics? Tribalism has been around far longer than any English Queen or King and longer than any map maker. If any of this was true, than it would have been this way from day one and we would never have fought against a neighbouring tribe or culture and it would have been peace and love from the get go - it didn't happen that way because human nature is not that way. So while it's a wonderful and popular sentiment - it flies in the face of all that is natural to being human.

Bert said...

I certainly never implied that it was better earlier.
Of course men fought each other since time immemorial. That doesn't make it right.
History and Archeology tell us that Mankind has been perpetually at war. That too does not make it right.