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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Safaris in different styles.

You want a shower?
Hang a bucket from a branch!
You need to find a toilet?
Grab a spade!
But this time around we travelled in Luxury:

The bucket still hangs from a branch,
but your nakedness is now well protected.
( And you may ask for warm water.)

Instead of a spade with which to dig a hole in the ground
you get an actual tarp enshrouded toilet.

The view from my  tent 
to my very personal and private "ablution block"

So now I can say I travelled every which way:
I stayed in the "Governor's Camp" in the Masai Mara and "The Serena Camp" in the Serengeti, 
both, in utter luxury.
I spent weeks in  the tented camp in Gonarezhou ( shown above ) as well as in Safari Lodges in Zambia.   
Best of all, I slept in a "mosy tent," washed my face in a bucket, or took a "bath" in the shallowest part of the Zambezi and the Runde rivers 
(Crocs hunt mostly in deep water)

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