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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A rare meeting

In a pub in Dublin two men were enjoying a Guinness Stout when one of them turns to the other:
"I heard you talking to  the waiter and I hope you don't mind me asking where might you be coming from ?
" I'm from Londonderry" he answers.
" Well now, isn't that just great, so am I.. and where, may I ask in Londonderry did yous live ?"
"On St. Patrick street, all me life"
"Well isn't that just grand, so did I, On St. Patrick street and to school I went and graduated from St. Mary's in 1964.
" You don't say, me lad, the Good Lord must be smilin' down at us, havin' so much in common: I too graduated from St.Mary's in 1964
and now we're  meetin' here in this small Pub in Dublin"
"Sure and begorrah, that's the Lord's truth... He sure must be smilin' down at us.:
A third man comes into the pub and orders a beer.
The waiter brings it to him and, shaking his head, he says:
"It'll be a long night tonight. The Murphy twins are drunk again.

never had a twin

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