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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Are they putting us on ?

I recently went to an exhibition of paintings by a local painter.
I wish I could show you some of them here.
Let me attempt a short description of one of them, which gives you an idea of what all the rest were like:
A white canvass, in the middle thereof an irregular black square, several dabs of reddish brush strokes in the center of the black square.

Simply something which just about anyone could have produced by splashing a little paint around.

On the elaborately produced invitation was, beside the time and place, the text, here translated into English-

The Artist Painter sees and feels colors as the messengers of spiritual dimensions, which imbues his work with a deeply lyrical and spiritual mood, permeated by a sensitive silence.
His openhearted reflections are founded on a sensitive spot light and minimalist transitions of nuances in an ascetic fullness of various shadings of white.
He uses a Collage Technique in which he applies many thin, semi translucent layers, covering the entire spectrum of feelings, inclusive those of a meditative and erotic nature.”

The people visiting this “Vernissage” stood, with an awe-struck look upon their faces, discussing the merits of these works with earnest expressions.

I just stand there, feeling that I should exclaim in a loud voice:
But the Emperor is naked.


just is no art expert

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