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Thursday, November 9, 2017

100th Anniversary of Evil

Although the takeover of Russia by the Bolsheviki took a number of years, it is the 7th day of November on which the beginning of this disaster is commemorated.
The historical events are told in great detail in almost every Newspaper, the number of persons killed during these initial years, including the war between "White" and "Red" is reported to hover between 20 and 100 Million. It is estimated that Lenin and Stalin together with their henchmen have murdered something like 20 Millions and another 80 Millions died during one of the most brutal wars ever .to be fought. 
I don't want to talk about numbers of victims, or historical data and events.
I would prefer to think about the beginnings, which lay in the philosophy of Karl Marx  after which the Bolsheviki fashioned their "new justice."
Karl Marx, I accept, was not an evil man, who knowingly caused the economic and moral decay, of a number of countries.
I am easily convinced that he meant well, but in his ignorance of human nature, and economic verities he missed the mark by a country-mile.

"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

This little quote incorporates the nucleus of what became of Communist Russia and all other communist countries without exception.

Since it is in human's nature to want to benefit from his/her own efforts, the giving to those who need can only be achieved on a voluntary, humanistic basis, or has to be achieved by brute force, if the demands of those who need, exceed the willingness to give by those who have.
When Marx realized that this homily would not work in the long run, he admitted:

"The Theory of Communism, may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all Private Property"

This was the starting point of confiscation of all land from farmers. The previous promise that land would be expropriated from the landlords and given to the farmers was soon forgotten by the Leaders of this Communist Paradise. 

Land now belonged to the State and the farmer became a forced laborer, whose production quantity was dictated by edict, and who was allowed to keep only a small percentage of his production for his own needs. Ultimately the farming system broke down and starvation across the land was the inevitable result.
Similarly, all factories, places of production, were expropriated and became the property of the State.
The inevitable result: A slowing down and then grinding to a halt of all production until the State started to use brute force.
Millions of real and perceived enemies of the State were murdered, and the lucky ones were shipped off to the "Gulag" after whose example the National Socialists under Hitler fashioned their Concentration Camps.

Marx then suggested: 
"The last Capitalist we hang, will be the one who sold us the rope,"

openly admitting that brute force, execution and murder will be the methods employed to bring the country to a "Workers' Paradise" . In fact, as History has taught us over and over again, those who followed these ideas of Karl Marx turned their countries not into a Paradise, but into a Hell.

Karl Marx, in my opinion, was totally ignorant of, not only "human nature" but to the same degree of  the workings of economic principles. ( Despite his studies in three Universities )

So, please don't tell me what a Genius Karl Marx was. Despite the blabberings of his "Communist Manifesto" and "Das Kapital"  he was nothing but an ignorant, fundamental rabble rouser.

Had his ideas had any merit, one could assume that they would have worked in at least one or two attempts to incorporate them into a country's modus vivendi.
Sadly, in each instance the application of his economic philosophy brought economic break down of the system, repression of the people, incarceration and murder of all who dared raise questions.

When, in 1991/92 Russia's ideology changed from Communism to a one-party ruled open-economy practicing country, several other Communist-ruled countries abandoned the political philosophy which had placed them at the low end to the bottom of the scale of  "poor countries".
Congo, Albania, Yugoslavia, Angola, are some of the countries who, in 1992, bid the Communist Philosophy a fare-well, while Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, North Korea still adhere to it and are also grouped at the bottom of the scale of "poor countries."

A most interesting case is presented by the super power, China, who had suffered economic disaster and brute repression under its founder Mao Zedong.
In 1972, when it had become increasingly clear and indisputable that Mao's Communist Ideology was effectively destroying China, Open Market Economy was introduced to this country of 1.4 Billion people. Ever since then, China's economy counts among the fastest growing in the world, a lucky benefit of Capitalist reforms having been introduced into a Communist Ideology.

So, Mr. Marx, please let the Universities in which you studied, repay your tuitions, since, what they seem to have taught you there, must have been pure rubbish.

So, for all you critics of Capitalism and praisers of Socialism and/or Communism, please, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

had to get this off his chest.

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