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Monday, April 30, 2018

From Winter to Summer in 1 easy week

It was almost precipitous that Winter took his leave,
for some of us not soon enough,
and the Grass of the Lawns and the leaves of the trees
burst forth in an exuberance of colour,
which was astonishingly bold in its haste.

The magic of this change would almost make you believe
that two kinds of Lilac would grow on one tree.

The back of our house!
It seems that until yesterday
the supports and the entire front of our balcony
were a drab, wintery brown
and then,
almost overnight they turned to this lush green.

and here is our pool!
I spent all day yesterday in cleaning it to within an inch of its being.
Even with two garden hoses 
it will take all day and all night and tomorrow
for it to fill up.
Then I can jump in, although the water from the tap
will only measure at about 16 to 18 degrees.
So it will be a header in
and a return dash
and up the ladder in a mad rush.

That's how Bertsravels sees it, anyhow.