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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Communication Pause.

I have been silent on this Blog since 28th Feb. That is a whole 12 days.
11 people have written to me, complaining about such neglect. In fact, one of my readers, spoke of "serious withdrawal symptoms". 
I think this lady is wildly exaggerating....
Now for the reason: I am currently working on my second book about Safaris in Africa. This last one is limited to my 3 weeks in Zimbabwe and Zambia during April 2017
and, quite frankly, as I work on the selection of pictures and some limited text, my desire to return there "One More Time" grows...  As I consider which of the 100 images of this specific Lion or that Leopard I should actually use for the pages of this book, all the feelings, smells, memories and emotions come back with undiminished force.
I can almost feel my friend, John  Nolan, standing beside me, encouraging me to take just one more shot. I can almost sense that he held his breath for a moment as we saw the first Leopard in the beam of the searchlight. 
So that's the reason for my silence on these pages.

is alive and well