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Thursday, February 15, 2018

In the deep of Winter

It's been snowing for three days without let-up. 
Today, however, the Sun shines again from a blue sky.
So, I decide to go for a little drive into the snow-covered countryside.

Amidst dense forest this farm house nestles.
I wonder how the people who live there get in and out.
Slower than a person can walk I drive along, 
but I can see not even a path leading to this 
fairy tale scene.

The road wanders up hill in s-curve after hairpin curve.
Finally I get to the top of the Schaidasattel ( Schaida pass )
It's only 1069 meters above Sea level, but it seems much higher.

From the top of this pass, the valley opens in a breathtaking view.
The little Village of Zell - Cele nestled between gentle slopes.
 The back-stop, however, consists of a forbidding range of the Karawanken Mountains. 

Snow is everywhere,  but the road is well cleared 
and without difficulties I reach the Village of  "Zell-Cele"...

While the Village Sign is almost totally snow covered,
I find, without difficulties, the "Cafe Carmen."

Six noble citizens of Zell occupy what the sign identifies as 
the "Favourite Table of the Citizen Group."

Are you the "Citizen Group" ? I ask them.
"Yes" comes the reply. 
"Anybody who sits here, is the "Citizens Group"

Since this area is "Bi-National" and "Bilingual"
even this hand written sign tells the message in German and Slovenian.

Through the window I see a little bird house.
The intricate design and the bright colours
tell of an artistic people.
The snow cap tells of a hard Winter.