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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Austria, where goest thou ?

This coming Saturday, the 27th day of January will be the 73 anniversary of the Liberation of the Extermination Camp Auschwitz, where the Nazi's killing machine murdered approximately 1.5 Million inmates: Mostly Jews, men, women and children, but also Russian PoWs and others.
Due to the meticulous accounting for which the Nazis were famous, the number of Jewish victims alone could be established as 6 Millions, killed in a series of “Konzentration-Extermination Camps.”
So far, only the Secretary of State is scheduled to represent the Government of Austria during this commemorative Service held on this date and known as the “Holocaust Memorial Day.”

The “Right Wing” is alive and well in Austria, as it is in the rest of Europe.
When the publication of an extreme right wing student organization may state: ...“we will achieve the 7th Million” in clear reference to the 6 Million Jewish victims, without creating more than a mild rebuke
then the world should ask: “What is happening in Austria?”
The particularly onerous student organizations, such as “Germania” as well as others still call themselves “schlagende Verbindung” (striking Student Unions) who pride themselves in the facial scars they inflict upon one another in saber fights.

Aside from these infantile attempts to demonstrate their bravery, their song book contains unmistakable
allusions to the time during which a gang of criminals ruled the roost in most of Europe.

hopes for an enlightened future

but does not hold his breath.

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